A Welcome Song For Baby


Illustrator: Sophie Allsopp

Tamarind, Random House UK

The Story Behind the Story

I had the inspiration for this book so very long ago. I knew I wanted to communicate the wonder of a baby growing inside the womb and how the whole earth comes together to welcome a child at the moment of birth. It was a tall order.

When I started writing, I gave the baby a name and titled the story, “A Welcome Song for Simon.” My editor later suggested the change to “Baby” as it was more inclusive.

I decided to have a sister, Emma, come up with the idea of sharing her favorite sounds, the sounds of all the seasons, which I hoped would culminate into a beautiful welcome song, a celebration of sounds and seasons, nature and family. I hope A Welcome Song for Baby is the perfect book for any child preparing to welcome a new little sister or brother.









This book is dedicated to “Cal, Sarah, Amy, Chris, and all the babies.” Cal and Amy are my son and daughter. Sarah and Chris are their spouses. “All the babies” has two meanings here. I want to welcome and celebrate all the babies in all the world as they join our earth community. Also, though I have two wondrous grandchildren, I wanted my own children to know there is room for all the babies to come.

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