Skype Testimonials

2013 Testimonials

Dear Marsha,
You are such a delightful person! The children beamed during our follow-up conversation. They just couldn't believe they were actually talking to you over Skype! I am confident we made a memory for them that will have an impact for years to come! I appreciate your willingness to participate in this type of experience to expose our students to the wonderful world of reading and writing. I hope we can do it again next year!

Carla Laney
Manning Early Childhood Center, South Carolina

2012 Testimonials

Participating in the Skype an Author activity with Marsha Diane Arnold has been a wonderful experience for all of us. I shared with Mrs. Arnold a plan of action to help my students in grades 2 through 5 think more deeply about their writing skills and strategies. Through this experience, Marsha provided information about her personal writing strategies, being an author, developing pre-writing skills, and researching. The students also were provided with writing prompts. Marsha challenged them to write a sequel to her Roar of a Snore. Roar of a Snore 2! It sparked them to new heights with their writing skills and desire. We created a writing prompt using Roar of a Snore in a program which assesses the students on content and grammar. The teachers shared delightful news about seeing a marked improvement. his opportunity helped students get focused on writing, and they enjoyed it!

Tina Riley
Technology Integration Specialist
Roane County Schools, WV

Older Testimonials

Thank you SO MUCH for skyping with our second graders on Friday. I must say that I wasn't sure what to expect from our first Skype Author Visit, but I was SO pleased. Your explanations and answers to the students' questions were just right. They loved seeing your office and backyard. They thought it was so great talking to a REAL author! The two classroom teachers who were with us used the words, "fabulous" and "fantastic" to express their pleasure at the way everything went. They were amazed at how well their students (even the "challenging ones") paid attention and listened. Everyone wants to know when we can do it again--I guess that tells how successful you were relating to the students! Thank you!

Nancy Poalillo

Maywood, NJ

Your participation in our event has had such positive feedback.  One district even increased their budget to include webcams and funds for next year!

Kelli B. Murphy

Gettysburg School District

Thank you so much, we all enjoyed your presentation!!  Everything worked perfectly on our end, and the students had a wonderful time. I know my daughter's class went back and started a seed file and wrote "Roar of a Snore 2" already. You had a big impact on them! Thanks for everything! 

Jackie Knox

Highmore Elementary, South Dakota

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