What Educators Say About Marsha Diane Arnold's Author Visits

2012/2013 Testimonials

In 28 years of teaching primary school, I've never heard a more engaging visiting Author presentation! Our students were fully engaged and attentive, as well as inspired to write! What more could we hope for? Thank you for the wonderful presentation! You are an amazingly talented author and a terrific speaker as well! I hope we see you here at Oakhills School again very soon!

Most sincerely, Lynda Habedanck
2nd grade teacher
Brookside Elementary, Granite Bay, CA

Both of the 6th grader teachers raved about your upper grade assembly. Mrs. Daly sent me an e-mail where she said, "Amazingly wonderful assembly--well-prepared, well-presented, relevant." There were also rave reviews for your Kinder Assembly. My 3rd graders loved it as well. They were even more excited about your books after hearing you speak and patiently answering their bazillion random questions.

Jeremy Rice
Alex Anderson,
San Jose, CA

2010/2011 Testimonials

You have such a special gift. Your writing is amazing. Your books have touched everyone at Demmitt. They've become a part of us. To the very last day of school, kids were still coming up to me and sharing about their stories that you had inspired.

When we took the Names from the naming ceremony from Heart of a Tiger down, the kids all had to have theirs. A few were lost and the kids came to me requesting we remake them because they wanted that to remember what you taught them. Gabe, the boy who played Jack, recited the Roar of a Snore for the 2nd grade talent show. Alyssa shares with me almost everyday her progress on her writing and how grateful she was for the time she spent with you. Out 3rd grade class got locked in a room and we had to take them out the window. No one was scared or crying because they couldn't wait to get back to the room and write a story about their adventure. Because, "Mrs. Arnold would love this!" Emma shared with me that what you taught about rejection really meant a lot to her. She wants to be an actress and she knows now that it's ok to get rejections because it only takes one yes. She even drew the slide from your presentation in her journal so she would always remember!

You not only inspired the students but the teachers also. You reminded them of the joy of writing. You showed them ways to bring back the creativity to writing. You also showed them how much the children love to write. Sometimes we get bogged down with the testing and writing a 4-point response instead of just writing for the joy! Also, our public relations person, Bethany, shared how much you inspired her to go back and think about her dream of writing children's books.

You truly are an amazing person, writer, mentor and friend! Never stop writing because the way you touch the lives of everyone through your gifts is truly a blessing for all of us!"

Beth Coffey Green


Demmitt Elem., Vandalia, OH

"You inspired an entire school to greater things. You are one in a million!"

Melinda Westfall Wissel

Music teacher

Demmitt Elem., Vandalia, OH

"Students were inspired by your visit. One little boy told his mother he was going home to write a book. I look forward to next year and another visit with you so you can continue your work – inspiring kids."

Terry Gavin Brown

Pleasant Valley, Novato, CA

Unanimously, we say you are terrific! Hope you come back soon.

Ms. Candela's class

Armstong Elem.

Reston, VA

2009 and prior Testimonials:

Thank you very much for your reading and presentation at our PTA Family Night. You are a gifted storyteller and educator!

We have had nothing but compliments from the parents and kids who attended the event. Actually, the parents have been effusive in their praise. Numerous people have told us how much their children were mesmerized by your reading of your books and how much they appreciated what you had to say about encouraging children to write and have fun doing it. One parent told us that her son was so captivated by your ideas that he wanted to stay up late that night to start writing "Roar of a Snore (Part Two)." Furthermore, the poem that my daughter, Josie, came up with during the family poem segment is now proudly displayed on our dresser!

I don't think that we can thank you enough for your thoughtful, fun, and creative presentation. I imagine that quite a few of the kids now have a Scribbles and Scraps folder to hold some of their ideas! And the kids are so happy with your books. Again, we appreciate you taking the extra time to both come early and stay late to autograph your books and speak to each child.

Thank you again for all of the time, energy, and creativity that you put into the presentation for our school.

Sharon Murphy

Hillcrest Elementary

Oakland, CA

We truly enjoyed your coming. You offered our children so much in the time you were with us. You are a brilliant speaker! You did a superb job of explaining the process an author goes through in getting a book to publication. The children were fascinated with that.

Dr. Peggy Hoffman-Schmidt

Principal, Neubruecke Elementary

Baumholder, Germany

Students and staff were overwhelmingly positive about Marsha's visit at our school. Her writing resonates on many levels, so it touches people regardless of their age or stage in life. Her presentations were lively, geared for individual audiences, and kept students interested and actively involved. Marsha is wonderful to work with, and it was a delight to have her here.

Marj Jackson

Library Media Specialist, Hawthorn Hill Elementary

Lee's Summit, MO

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say how fabulous you were in your visit to our school and with your interaction with our students. I was so impressed with you and your presentation. Without a doubt you are the best we have ever had visit our school. Your presentation was superb and your interaction with the students and reaction to them and responses to their questions was simply perfect. I helped judge the bookmark contest and the little 4th grader who won with his "Lily" bookmark came down after school on Friday and gave me a hug and thanked me and for him this is so uncharacteristic. He told me with a beaming grin that he had given you the bookmark and you were going to post it on your website. His buttons were "popping". He has always been so timid and quiet. I was so happy for him and for what I knew this experience was going to mean in his life. Your visit was just such a positive experience for our entire school. YOU brought that to us. We all loved you. Thank you for what you brought to our school and the lasting memories that will linger in all of our memories through the coming years.

Cheri Balls

Third Grade Teacher, Phillipsburg Elementary

Phillipsburg, Kansas

We loved how you interacted with the children and included them. I'm sure they will remember Lily and the conga line, Boom, Boom, Boom and it was such a treat for them to listen to you read from your books. We look forward to reading more of your wonderful stories and meeting more adventurous characters.

Andrea Wang

PTA Authors' Day Chairperson, Rancho Elementary

Novato, California

"You made your books come alive with the background you gave the audience and the telling. You did a marvelous job explaining what it takes to write a book and get it published. You had many different ages in the audience, yet you kept them all intrigued. I could see them all thinking, 'Hmmmm...I may want to write a story some day about a person or event in my life.'

Maggie Preiss

Coordinator, Children's Services

St. Charles City-Co. Library Dist., MO

What a wonderful time we had when you visited us. Your presentation was terrific! We all enjoyed is so much. The children are still talking about you, and I have promised them that we will invite you again!

Betty Brown

Librarian, St. Timothy's Lutheran

San Jose, CA


Thank you. That's the best thing I can say. I can only thank you for the effect your book Heart Of A Tiger has had on me. I remember a long time ago when I was just a little kid in second or third grade and we were going through all the books that had been brought to our school that day and among them I found yours. After reading it I was so excited to have you sign it. Choose the name that's in your heart. I still have it to this day and, me being 17 now, I'm glad I kept it after all this time. It has always instilled in me a sense of honor, courage, and dedication. Please keep on writing wonderful stories, influencing and inspiring the kids of our future, just like you did to me.

Cody - teen who wrote me in 2010, a decade after my visit to his school

"When I met and heard Marsha, I knew I was going to grow up and become an author."

Victoria, Third grader

"When I think about her books, it's like I am in a magical place. I love books that make me happy. When my teacher read "Metro Cat", I started to smile."

Jasmine, Fourth grader

Dear Marsha Diane Arnold,

You were just at my school, Norris Elementary. You inspired my friend Darian and I to write a book. We keep thinking of ideas. I have already wrote half a book.

From an inspired child,

Carolyn, 11

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