My honorarium for an in-person school visit is $950 plus reasonable travel expenses for a full day of up to 4 presentations or Funshops, plus autographing. 

For schools interested in a longer author stay, I have a package where I cover airfare. These longer visits have been extremely successful, as librarian Beth Coffey shares.

"You have such a special gift. Your writing is amazing. Your books have touched everyone at Demmitt. They become a part of us. When we took down the Names from the naming ceremony the kids all had to have theirs. A few were lost and they came to me to remake them because they wanted that to remember what you taught them. To the very last day of school, kids were still coming up to me and sharing about their stories, which you had inspired. Gabe, the boy who played Jack, recited the Roar of a Snore for the 2nd grade talent show. Alyssa shares with me almost everyday her progress on her writing and how grateful she was for the time she spent with you. Our 3rd grade class got locked in a room and we had to take them out the window. No one was scared or crying because they couldn't wait to get back to the room and write a story about their adventure, because, "Mrs. Arnold would love this!" Emma shared with me that the part about rejection really meant a lot to her. She wants to be an actress and she knows now it's ok to get rejections because it only takes one yes. She even drew the slide from the presentation in her journal so she would always remember!"

This option includes:

  • Blogging directly to the students prior to my visit
  • Skyping with students and sharing writing activities prior to my visit
  • Skyping with students after my visit
  • One full day of presentations
  • Two full days of writing "Funshops"
  • One Family Evening

Honorarium for this special 3-day-plus visit is $3500 plus ground transportation/lodging.

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