Presentation Wish List

  1. An attentive and well-prepared audience. Students get so much more from my presentations if they have read or been read my books and if they have discussed them and thought about questions to ask. I have many classroom activities to go along with my books - see the Fun Activities section in the menu above.
  2. A big screen
  3. A dim room. I bring my own LCD projector for a Keynote(similar to PowerPoint) presentation, but my experience has been that the slides show up better in a dim room.
  4. A rolling projector cart
  5. Access to at least two electrical outlets (for my computer and projector) and necessary extension cords
  6. A microphone, if needed (lapel mikes are my favorite)
  7. A table (approximately 3 feet by 5 feet) at the front of the room
  8. Bottled water (room temperature is fine)
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