Baby Animals Take A Bath


Illustrator: Phyllis Limbacher Tildes


The Story Behind the Story

It was an image of a polar bear club taking a snow bath that began these two board books. The image was in my mind and it stayed there for a very long time, for years in fact. I knew I wanted to write about something that all earth creatures do, something that connected us. It was a challenge to select just the right animals with the right kind of bath to show a variety. Loving the way Baby Animals Take a Bath was going, I began Baby Animals Take a Nap and Baby Animals Have a Snack. Bathing, napping, and snacking are common elements in all babies’ lives. Charlesbridge contracted for the two first books and decided to publish them as companion books. I was delighted, especially as these are my first board books. My hope is that every baby shower includes copies of the Baby Animals books, perfect for our littlest ones.












This book is dedicated to my grandchildren “Gráinne and Flint who love baths”, and all the toys and bubbles that go with them.

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Publisher’s Weekly: “Arnold and Tildes showcase eight young animals getting clean in distinctive ways. The text is limited to punchy, two-word phrases (“Snow bath/ Sun Bath/ Steam bath/ Puddle Bath”), and the animals are identified on the back cover. Framed in wavy-edged black borders, Tildes’s animal portraits reflect the animals’ naturalistic behaviors—a zebra foal lolls in the dust, an elephant calf sprays itself with its trunk—while still ensuring they look as adorable as possible. A closing scene featuring a human baby mid-bath cements the connection between the way we get clean and the ways animals do. Up to age 3.

Kid-Lit Reviews: “Animal-loving children will love these babies taking baths their own particular way. A polar bear cub rolls around in the white snow digging in with his behind, making polar bear angels. As clean as the polar bear cub is in its snow bath, the hippopotamus calf is dirty in its mud bath. A zebra foal rolls on the dusty ground, removing parasites, and adding a natural sunscreen, much like that hippo in the mud. Eight baby animals, bathing naturally, each occupy a page in this adorable board book. Young children will love seeing these wild babies.

The text remains simple. Two words per page say everything needed said. The first word identifies the type of bath taken (snow, mud, dust . . .), repeatedly followed by the word “bath,” all to make reading and learning easier for toddlers trying to read on their own. Young children will love seeing the young animals in their natural settings. A companion title, Baby Animals Take a Nap (also released 2/07/2017), treats young children to the world of naps. Kids might be more willing to take a nap after seeing how a penguin chick or fox cubs snuggle into naptime. Until then, young children can absorb Baby Animals Take a Bath.

Adventurous children can try each type of bath, if their parents are game (no pun intended). How fun it could be to bathe in snow . . . in mud . . . a puddle . . . or in a tub full of bubbles. Baby Animals Take a Bath, with its beautiful illustrations and simple text, could be your baby’s first glance at the similarities between animal babies and human babies. No matter the baby, all need to take a bath.

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