Baby Animals Take A Nap

Illustrator: Phyllis Limbacher Tildes


The Story Behind the Story

Loving the way Baby Animals Take a Bath was going, I began Baby Animals Take a Nap and Baby Animals Have a Snack. Bathing, napping, and snacking are common elements in all babies’ lives. Charlesbridge contracted for the two first books and decided to publish them as companion books. I was delighted, especially as these are my first board books. My hope is that every baby shower includes copies of the Baby Animals books, perfect for our littlest ones.












This book is dedicated to “Gráinne, Madeline, Flint Kelly Oak, and Alexander Eugene: our little nappers.”

I wrote the dedication when I finished writing the book several years ago. Now, my granddaughter Gráinne and grandniece Madeline are three-years-old and not as excited about napping as they once were, but a snuggle is always welcome. My grandson Flint and grandnephew Alexander are still napping away.

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