The Tail of Little Skunk: Group Reading

THEME: Believing in oneself


TIME: 5 min.

ROLES: Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Little Skunk, Deer, Blue Jay, Fish, Mother Skunk, and BIG BEAR

NARRATOR 1: Little Skunk lived in a forest at the bottom of a mountain.

NARRATOR 2: On top of the mountain lived Big Bear.

NARRATOR 1: Little Skunk had never seen Big Bear. But every morning he heard his roar.

NARRATOR 2: Big Bear's roar made Little Skunk shiver all over.

LITTLE SKUNK: "Friend Deer, what will you do if Big Bear comes?"

DEER: "I will fun faster than the wind. Big Bear will not catch me."

NARRATOR 1: Little Skunk felt the wind rush past.

LITTLE SKUNK: "I cannot run faster than the wind. Friend Blue Jay, what will you do if Big Bear comes?"

BLUE JAY: "I will fly into the sky. Big Bear will not follow me."

NARRATOR 2: Little Skunk looked up at the wide, blue sky.

LITTLE SKUNK: "I cannot fly into the sky. Friend Fish, what will you do if Big Bear comes?"

FISH: "I will swim to the middle of the lake. Big Bear will not swim that far."

NARRATOR 1: Little Skunk listened to the sound of the deep, blue water.

LITTLE SKUNK: "I cannot swim to the middle of the lake."

NARRATOR 2: Little Skunk sat by the edge of the lake. He shivered for a long time.

LITTLE SKUNK: "I cannot run fast, fly high, or swim far. Mother, what will I do if Big Bear comes?"

MOTHER SKUNK: "You are a skunk. Skunks don't run fast. Skunks don't fly high. Skunks don't swim far. But you will know what to do if Big Bear comes. I promise!"

NARRATOR 1: One morning Little Skunk heard Big Bear's roar.

BIG BEAR: Roar...r...r!

NARRATOR 1: The roar sounded very loud.

BIG BEAR: Roar...r...r!

NARRATOR 2: Big Bear was right behind him!

NARRATOR 1: Little Skunk cried:

LITTLE SKUNK: "What will I do? What will I do?"

NARRATOR 2: Big Bear raised his paws high.

NARRATOR 1: Little Skunk raised his tail high.

BIG BEAR: Roar...r...r! Roar...r...r!

NARRATOR 2: Big Bear roared and roared...and ran all the way back to the top of the mountain.

NARRATOR 1: Little Skunk said proudly,

LITTLE SKUNK: "I am a Skunk. And I knew just what to do when Big Bear came."

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