Hugs on the Wind


Illustrator: Elsa Warnick

Abrams Books for Young Readers

The Story Behind the Story


My friend Vernise lives far away from her grandchildren. Sometimes when she said good-bye to Onnivin and Brendelyn on the phone, she would say "I'm sending you smiles in the clouds. Go outside and see if you can see them."

When Vernise began signing her emails to me, "Hugs on the Wind", I thought this was the perfect title for a children's book. hugsbubble Together we wrote the story of Little Cottontail because everyone misses someone sometime. We might miss our father or mother who is at work while we're at school. We might miss our lost dog. We might miss our grandparents who live far away. If you read this book about Little Cottontail, you will have some ideas about how to send hugs and smiles and jokes and songs and kisses to someone. 

I like Little Cottontail because he is joyful and he is creative. Those are two of the most important qualities a person...or a cottontail...can have. His heart is open to the world and to every beautiful, happy, or even sad thing it brings to us.






My friend Vernise and I wrote "Hugs on the Wind" together. She lives far away but we keep in touch with letters, phonecalls, emails, and, of course, hugs on the wind.

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