Roar of a Snore


Illustrator: Pierre Pratt

Dial Books for Young Readers 

Where did the idea for Roar of a Snore come from? From a loud snore in 
the middle of the night! I wondered what would happen if someone was awakened 
by a snore, but didn't know where the snore was coming from. That someone 
would have to search and search and search for the...ROAR OF A SNORE!

It's true, I fear, that my husband Fred snores! So do my brother and stepfather! I dedicated this book to all three. If I tell the truth, sometimes I snore a little too. The book flap of Roar of a Snore says everyone snores. 
I think that's probably true. Some of us have tiny snores, some of us snore when we're super tired, but we all snore...just a little. 



What fun I had writing this rhyming story! But at times I wanted to pull my hair out as I tried to put everything into rhymes. (Hey! Times and rhymes. 
That was a rhyme. Once you start to rhyme, you just can't stop.)

Roar of a Snore fans may be surprised to learn that in the original story version, the surprise snorer was not a kitten. It was a mouse. My editor, Karen Riskin, thought there might be too many mouse stories and that a mouse would be easily guessed. We decided a kitten would be the perfect surprise snorer. I'm happy we chose a kitten because it reminds me of when I was a kid and found baby kittens in our hayloft. I don't think any of them snored, though.

What animal would you choose if you were writing this story?




Here I am with Arnold (Yes! Same name as mine.) Arnold belongs to my friends, Larry and Madeleine. He reminds me of "Old Blue."


Roar of a Snore is dedicated to my husband Fred, my stepfather Chuck, and my brother Roger. Do they look like snorers? I'll never tell!

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