The Bravest Of Us All

THE BRAVEST OF US ALL provides an opportunity to discuss the different types of courage:


Courage doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid.

It means something else is more important than your being afraid.

What was more important to Ruby Jane than being afraid of the tornado?

What was more important to Velma Jean than being afraid of the storm cellar?

What are you afraid of?

Different types of courage:

There are different types of courage. What are some of them?

It takes courage to tell your parents you told a fib.

It takes courage to try out for the soccer team.

It takes courage to help someone being bullied.

It takes courage to be a fireman or policeman.

What does having courage do for you?

Discuss how it lets us try new things, like swimming or giving a report in front of class or making a new friend.

Who’s afraid?

What are some things you are afraid of? 
Why are you afraid of them?

Are there things you can do to not be afraid?

Is being afraid of something ever a “good” thing?

Movie Fun

Watch “The Wizard of Oz” or the parts that highlight The Cowardly Lion. Are there any similarities between Ruby Jane and The Cowardly Lion? What are they? Do you think the lion was cowardly, brave, or a combination of both?

Being brave

Think of a person you consider to be brave. Why do you think they are brave? Do you think there are different types of bravery?
 What are some ways that you are brave?


Find out more about tornadoes and the damage they can do.

What is a tornado? How does it form?

What is the Fujita Scale?

Where do most tornadoes occur?
 What time of year do they occur?

What is Tornado Alley?

Research Activity: Develop a tornado safety guide

If you lived in an area where tornadoes were common, what could you do to prepare?
 If there was a tornado coming, what are some things you could do to protect yourself, your friends, and family.

Research Activity: Natural disasters

The Bravest of us All and exploration of tornadoes can lead into a further exploration of natural disasters. What are natural disasters?
 Compare and contrast tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes. Which of these is the scariest to you and why?