Prancing, Dancing Lily

Rhyming Lily Activities:

In one of Lily’s letters to Mamoo, she writes:

I paddle rolled and shuffle hopped.

I tapped so hard, I couldn’t stop.

I scraped my nose. I skinned my knee.

I don’t think cruising is for me.

Have you ever been anywhere or done anything that just didn’t feel right for you?

Make up a rhyme telling us about it, like….

I caught the ball and away I sped,

Then tripped and fell right on my head.

Maybe football’s not for me.

I think I’ll brew a cup of tea.

Now let’s get positive. Later in the story Lily writes:

Guess what! I know the place for me.

And a dance that fits us perfectly.

We’ll dance a line with drum and bell.

I’m coming home now. All is well.

Write a four-line rhyme about what fits you perfectly.

I like animals. They like me.

Chimps and dogs and…. even fleas.

When I grow up, brave and tall,

I want to be like Jane Goodall.

Dancing Lily Puppets:

Draw a picture of Lily dancing one of her favorite dances. (You may use the dances in Prancing, Dancing Lily as models.) Color your drawing, cut it out, and paste it onto a wooden stick, like a tongue depressor. Now you can have Lily dance or create “Lily” skits with your friends.

Here are some fabulous dancing puppets that Mrs. Pierucci’s class made (click to enlarge).

Lily Bookmarks:

This is a bookmark my friend Gareth designed (click to enlarge).

Here’s how you can design your own bookmark.

  1. Choose the size you want to make your bookmark. (If you already have a bookmark, you can use it as a model.)
  2. Use a ruler and draw your bookmark on a piece of paper. (Heavy paper works nicely for bookmarks.)
  3. Draw your Prancing, Dancing Lily design. You can choose a picture from my book, Prancing, Dancing Lily and draw a similar design or you can change the picture to your own style or you can think of a dance you’d like Lily to try and draw Lily dancing it.
  4. Color your design.
  5. Cut out your bookmark.
  6. Go find a book to read, so you can use your bookmark!