Quick, Quack, Quick

Art Project

Draw Quack and his barnyard friends or make a clay model of Quack. (Ducks seem to make an especially good model for clay art projects!)

Music Activity

Sing a song about Quack after you read his story. Thanks to my friend Vernise Elaine Pelzel for this idea and song:

There was a little duck and he was slow.

(Hold up one arm high, with forearm as duck’s neck, thumb as his lower beak, and four fingers as his head and upper beak, similar to a shadow puppet)

Wibble Wobble Wibble Wobble. Oh, so slow!

(The arm can sway slowly back and forth as you say this)

This slow little duck, his name was Quack

(Quack can look at you)

He took too long and he stayed way back.

(Bounce the arm up and down and lean slightly backward on “stayed way back”.)

Quick, Quack, Quick. Quick, Quack, Quick.

His Mama always had to call Quick, Quack, Quick.

(Place one hand over the other, open and close, like a duck beak.)


  1. Have children stand up and be Quack. They can fold their hands under their arms like wings and do a little duck walk right where they are. Mama Duck can stomp or place her hands on hip when she says “Quick, Quack, Quick”.
  2. Divide the class in half. Half can be Quack and half Mama Duck.

Class Discussion: Moving Slowly

Discussion Questions:

  1. Talk about when you like to move slowly (in the morning?) and when you like to move quickly (during recess time?). Practice moving slowly. Practice moving quickly.
  2. Talk about how you feel when someone “hurries” you.

Art Project: Paper Puppets

Make colorful paper puppets of Quack and other story characters. Glue them to a stick and act out the story.