Illustrated by Renata Liwska

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

This book is dedicated – For Kate O’Sullivan and Renata Liwska, a dream editor and illustrator worth waiting for..

The Story Behind The Story

Many of my stories were inspired by a specific person, animal, or event. Waiting for Snow is a bit different. I was reading lots of books about woodland animals and who doesn’t enjoy a good story about woodland animals. I thought I might enjoy writing one too. So, I came up with Badger and a variety of fun friends. I actually penned four stories about Badger. I do love badgers! In the second manuscript Badger changed into a Raccoon! That story, May I Come In? was bought by Sleeping Bear Press. The third story, Badger’s Perfect Garden, was also bought by Sleeping Bear Press. Hooray! The fourth never found a publisher. It’s deep in my story file, perhaps to be resurrected in the future.



“Quiet, charming, and just plain fun, little ones eager for winter will relate to this story’s snow-loving characters…. Kiddos eager for the changing of seasons will easily find kinship among these antsy woodland creatures in this engaging story perfect for a winter-themed story time.”


“Delicate pencil lines show scenes as simultaneously earnest and funny… Snow can’t be forced, but this will help ease the wait”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Liwska’s (The Quiet Book) gentle, fuzzy drawings, done in the softest browns and the palest blues, offer the comfort of a beloved stuffed toy… Using Hedgehog as the even-keeled voice of reason, Arnold (Lost. Found.) suggests that there is something to be said for accepting a situation rather than fighting it.”

The Washington Post

Cozy up with these winter books (and your kids). The gentle tale delivers a subtle lesson about things happening ‘in their time.’

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