Author Visits

In-Person Visits

Jackie Baumgartner of Phillipsburg, Kansas called my visit a “Big Vivid,” a cross-curricular learning moment that teachers, students, and community members still remember and talk about years later.

My author visits have been called inspirational, informative, and entertaining. I always tailor my presentations to meet your students’ needs.

My current honorarium for an in-person visit is $1200 plus reasonable travel expenses for a full day of up to 4 presentations, plus autographing. If you’d like to have a “Big Vivid” at your school or more information about my author visits, please contact me directly.

“Marsha Diane Arnold and her books treat kids as thinkers and speak of good things…kind of like Mr. Rogers.” —Judy Northrup, homeschooler, former children’s librarian.

Virtual Visits

If you’d prefer a virtual school visit, I love to Zoom!

I do a limited number of free 15 minute virtual visits each year, so please book early.

If you’d like a longer Zoom visit, which can include a “Funshop” (some people call them workshops), a 45 minute presentation is usually $300, but always negotiable.

“Marsha brought books to life for our children! The teachers said she was the best author we’ve ever had.” —Beth Smith, Missouri librarian

“When Marsha Diane Arnold comes to visit a school, she goes all in! Upon arrival at our school, she greeted everyone like old friends and began setting up eye-catching displays, artifacts, and props she used in her presentations. She is a natural, down-to-earth storyteller who easily kept students’ attention. After her library visits were over, she changed outfits into her bright orange running gear and enthusiastically joined our yearly Pumpkin Run, which celebrates her book The Pumpkin Runner. I recommend her visits to any school, library, bookstore, or wherever people gather to be entertained!” —Todd McDonald, Walter Jackson Elementary, Alabama

“In 28 years of teaching, I’ve never heard a more engaging visiting author. Our students were fully engaged and attentive, as well as inspired to write! You are an amazingly talented author and a terrific speaker.” —Lynda Habedanck, Teacher, Brookside Elementary, Granite Bay, CA

“You have such a special gift.   Your books have touched everyone at our school. They’ve become a part of us. To the very last day of school, kids were still coming up to me and sharing about their stories that you had inspired.” —Beth Coffey Green, Librarian, Demmitt Elementary, Ohio

“How fabulous you were in your visit to our school and with your interaction with our students! Without a doubt you are the best we have ever had visit our school.” —Cheri Balls, Phillipsburg, Kansas

“Her love of children and books and her quiet appeal make her an inspiring professional of high quality to speak at any educational level. (Can you tell, I think she is awesome!)” —Paula K. Giles, Librarian, Missouri