A Welcome Song for Baby

Illustrated by Sophie Allsopp

Published by Tamarind, UK

Dedicated to “Cal, Sarah, Amy, Chris, and all the babies.”

Mummy’s tummy is growing round—the new baby’s coming. What will I do, I wonder, to welcome the new baby? As the seasons pass, Emma makes her own song from the sounds she hears, all to share with her new little brother when he finally arrives. This sweet, lyrical story is a celebration of sounds and seasons, nature and family. A beautiful, reassuring book, perfect for any child preparing for a new little sister or brother.

The Story Behind The Story

I had the inspiration for this book so very long ago. I knew I wanted to communicate the wonder of a baby growing inside the womb and how the whole earth comes together to welcome a child at the moment of birth. It was a tall order.

I decided to have a sister, Emma, come up with the idea of sharing her favorite sounds, the sounds of all the seasons, which I hoped would culminate into a beautiful welcome song, a celebration of sounds and seasons, nature and family. I hope A Welcome Song for Baby is the perfect book for any child preparing to welcome a new little sister or brother.


Red Reading Hub

“The small girl narrator of this lovely book comes up with a wonderful idea when she sees everyone else busy with welcome preparations for the new baby and wonders what she can do. “Can the baby hear us?” she asks her mum. “Yes, Emma, the baby is listening,” comes the reply. Emma decides to share all her own favorite sounds beginning with winter’s ‘Tinkling icicles. Whistling wind. /Slushity-slush-slush-snow. //

This is an enormously heart-warming celebration of a new baby told with sensitivity and affection. The closeness of the whole family is beautifully conveyed in Sophie Allsopp’s richly hued and patterned illustrations.”