Baby Animals Take a Nap

Illustrated by Phyllis Tildes

Published by Charlesbridge

Dedicated to Gráinne, Madeline, Flint Kelly Oak, and Alexander Eugene: our little nappers.

Some baby animals get rest standing up, and others get sleepy while swimming. Sleepy little humans will be lulled by animal friends getting cozy.

The Story Behind The Story

An image of a polar bear cub taking a snow bath began my two Baby Animals books – Baby Animals Take a Nap and Baby Animals Take a Bath. I wanted to write about something that all earth creatures do, something that connected us. Bathing and napping are common elements in all babies’ lives. It was a challenge to select just the right animals with the right kind of baths and naps to show variety.

Charlesbridge decided to publish them as companion books. My hope is that every baby shower includes copies of the Baby Animals books, perfect for our littlest ones.

Kid-Lit Reviews

Baby Animals Take a Nap treats young children to the world of naps. Kids might be more willing to take a nap after seeing how a penguin chick or fox cubs snuggle into naptime.”