Big Boy 4014 and the Steam Team

Illustrated by Adam Gustavson

Published by Sleeping Bear Press

Dedicated to Ed Dickens, the Steam Team, and locomotive lovers around the world.

Coming 2025!


The Story Behind The Story

I’ve always loved trains! Growing up in the Kansas countryside, I lived just a couple of miles from the train tracks. I could hear the train’s whistle from my home whenever it passed by.

So, when I heard about Big Boy 4014’s rescue from a scrapyard to half a century in an outdoor train museum to restoration by a dedicated group of steam locomotive specialists, I was drawn to writing her story for young readers.

In 2023, I journeyed to Omaha, Nebraska to see Big Boy 4014 on tour. I was blessed to meet Ed Dickens, senior engineer and manager for Big Boy, and to ride in the cab with him and pull Big Boy’s whistle.

I’m so looking forward to sharing the book with all you locomotive lovers in 2025! WHOOOOOO-WHOO-WHOOOOOO